Can I bring my spouse/partner to my retreat?

Sure. You may bring your spouse/partner. However, we have limited accommodation and daily activities so you have to register for your spouse as you did.

Can I bring my children?

Sorry, Hearty Center is unable to accommodate children on retreat at this time.

If my child is diagnosed with cancer, can I register for them?

Yes. However, you should call Hearty Center to get advice for your child’s case.

Where is the retreat?

1110 Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls, NSW 2100 or it depends on requests of the group registration.

Is there any difference between Oxford Falls and other retreats?

No. Hearty Center will concentrate on nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. The same standards apply to other centers just like Oxford Falls.

What will I do on my retreat?

Please read on daily activities schedule.

Will I be able to phone my family or can they visit me?

You can arrange time for family visits or a phone call for your family during break time. You are welcome to use your mobile phone or our landline for urgent matters.

Is it suitable for pregnant ladies?

Our retreats are suitable for pregnant ladies because we use “Naturopathy”.

Can I bring my laptop?

We advise you to leave your laptop at home because you should focus on your health and wellbeing.

Can I order special food because I have certain allergies?

Yes. You can fill your request on the booking form. However, we advise that you should try our healthy foods to get rid of the allergies.

What do I need to bring?
  • You can bring casual and sleep clothes but please keep in mind about the season that you registered as the weather may be different. There is no need to bring a lot of clothes because there will be uniform to be worn at the center during the day.
  • Personal Toiletries – please limit scented toiletries and perfume for the benefits of other participants as it may endanger their lives or that they may have asthma.
  • Any medication or supplements that you are taking.
Can I get a refund if I cannot come to the retreat?

You can offer your spot for another person or your registration can be transferable to other dates within 2 weeks.

Can Hearty Center pick up me at the airport if I am a foreigner?

Sure. We will be able to pick up guests at the airport or bus/train stations which will be confirmed on the booking form.

Should I get a general health check before checking in or out at Hearty Center?

We advise you should check your health with the same blood test before and after the retreat.

How can I get a general health check in Australia if I am a foreigner? Who will pay for this cost and how much is it?

We will arrange an appointment in an Australian clinic if you prefer. However, you will cover this cost. The cost is approximately AUD$1.500 for 2 times health checkup.

Is there any interpreter or translator at Hearty Center?

We only have Vietnamese interpreters currently. However, you can get more information from us and have a translator to assist you.

What can I get after 12 weeks of my retreat at Hearty Center?

Your health will improve if you follow our daily activities and try to eat all of our foods. If you continue to keep these methods at home; you will get rid of cancer and live a happy, healthy life.

“Hearty Condensed Juice” will be the main key to support my immune system during 12 weeks at center. Will I continue to drink this juice at home after leaving the center? Who will pay for the delivery costs?

We will give you “Hearty Condensed Juice” for free of charge that is enough to drink for 2 year after leaving the center. You can pay the delivery costs or collect the juice at Hearty Center with no costs.