The device is perfect for cancer patient who would like to release toxic with faster results in improving the appearance and the therapeutic effects of their bodies.

Immediate warming up

On usual work-out you need 30 minutes to warm-up. In PowerSlim Active calories combustion follow after only 3 minutes!! Infrared radiation instantaneously warms up the tissues and muscles while stimulating blood circulation and metabolism.

Technique of the highest quality

We use the best global solution. Infrared radiant heaters are designed in France and provided by Philips, which guarantees high efficiency and reliability. Precisely designed filaments emit only the desired infrared wavelength heat for optimum penetration of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Dual air ionization system

This patented system is installed only in PowerSlim devices and it works with double force. Two nozzles on the desktop provide a powerful dose of ions, which lead to the unblocking of metabolism during the regular sessions.

Olympic Method of supporting metabolizm

Ionization is a patent taken directly from olympic training rooms. Due to the air ionisation, oxygen assimilation is increased, which is directly connected to the effect of slimming and skin care. Air ionisation improves our heart, lungs and arteries which also increases our condition from a poor level to a very good condition, as more oxygen is carried to the blood.

Synergy of infrared radiation and air ionization

This unique method used in PowerSlim equipment is protected by the Patent. The most important state document confirms the effectiveness of the method. This Patent is a result of three years research. Experts from the Polish Patent Office investigated the effectiveness of the method and the uniqueness of the solutions on a global scale.

A professional cross-trainer

Just like behind the wheel of luxury car – you will feel cool and comfortable. More space facilitates the work of your hands during exercises. Place for water, control panel and shelf for personal items are easy to reach.

The training device is manufactured in Germany by Kettler. The machine ensures optimum workout for all key muscle groups: legs, trunk and arms. Rotational movement protects against undue fatigue, which often occurs in older and heavier people exercising on a treadmill or traditional stepper.

Training computer

Advanced computer training offers a touch pulse measurement function and a choice of several training programmes. It is possible to train by setting the load or by setting the pulse. Ability to store your trainings allows you to check your future progress.