Hearty Center takes responsibility for:

  1. Providing reasonable facilities to suit the expressed needs of the booking (based on our price list on website: www.heartycenter.com.au)
  2. Ensuring clean and comfortable facilities upon arrival and during the guest’s visit.
  3. Providing healthy meals and drink during time of your stay at Hearty Center.
  4. Any services or other requests, please write in above “Other requests”.

The Guest takes responsibility to:

  1. Follow our daily activities to assist you remaining healthy after you leave our Center.
  2. Contact the Hearty Center at least 14 days prior to arrival to:
    • Confirm name.
    • Arrival time.
    • Flight number for overseas guests if you need to be picked up at the airport. A pick up fee will be charged depend on the distance to our Center.
  3. Being mindful at all times that our Retreat Centre is a quiet space in communal areas. We ask for an attitude of reverence in the Center, which may be used by all denominations. Quiet sharing sessions are permitted.
  4. Limited use of phone if you are sharing a room with another person.
  5. Ensuring the Center remains in a clean & tidy state upon departure leaving your room as you find it. Any moved furniture to be replaced to its original position. An extra fee may be charged if any room requires additional cleaning.
  6. Ensuring any retreatant has the mental stability and peace of mind to undertake a silent retreat without causing harm to him or others.
  7. Respecting our Non-Smoking community: anyone smoking is to stop before moving to our center.
  8. Consumption alcohol is not permitted in our center.
  9. Use of candles is by prior agreement only.
  10. Not bringing any items of value to the Center, such as watches, jewelry, items containing diamonds or gold, a large quantity of money.
  11. Reporting any broken items or maintenance needs to reception so that we can have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.