100 ways to nourishing body, mind and spirit

  1. Water before man-made drinks
  2. Self-control before self-indulgence
  3. Greens before colourless foods
  4. Local markets before the supermarket
  5. Smaller portions before overindulging
  6. Probiotic cultured dairy before milk
  7. Good fats before deep fried
  8. Wisdom before ignorance
  9. True love before convenience
  10. Tea before coffee
Hearty Center
  1. Slow conversations before gossip
  2. Fruit before confectionary
  3. Openness before judgement
  4. Self-awareness before self-promotion
  5. Sleep before social media
  6. Quiet thoughts before TV
  7. Cooking before eating out
  8. Riding before driving
  9. Walking before driving
  10. Veggies before fruit
Hearty Center
  1. Doing before contemplation
  2. Listening before talking
  3. Finding your passions before following the crowd
  4. Giving to others before rewarding yourself
  5. Fairness before inequity
  6. Reflection before action
  7. Comfortable in “YOU” before insecurity
  8. Taking responsibility before blaming
  9. Saying sorry before harbouring bitterness
  10. Family time before doing things for yourself
Hearty Center
  1. Discernment before judgement
  2. Empathy before anger
  3. Grace before shallowness
  4. Outwardly focused before inwardly focused
  5. The “right thing” before righteousness
  6. Curiosity before demanding answers
  7. Stretching before sitting
  8. Authenticity before hiding behind a facade
  9. Hearty protein before empty sugars
  10. Finding contentment in the simple things before wanting more
  11. Impact before busywork
  12. Thankfulness before criticism
  13. Genuineness before inhibition
  14. Go with the flow before reluctance
  15. Quickly releasing burdens before being weighed down by them
  16. Win-win before winning
  17. Sacrifice before gratification
  18. Real food before junk food
Hearty Center
  1. Saying things of benefit before just “talking” for the sake of it
  2. Hoping before worrying
  3. Enjoying before hurrying
  4. Laughter before anger
  5. Giving before greed
  6. People before stuff
  7. Being resourceful before buying
  8. Sweating before slumber
  9. Finding natural energy before resorting to caffeine
  10. Saving before spending
  11. Relax before over-scheduling yourself
Hearty Center
  1. Simplicity before complexity
  2. More sleep before busy-ness
  3. Trust before insecurity
  4. Chewing more before rushing
  5. Breathing deeply before sighing
  6. Believing before doubting
  7. Tidy spaces before clutter
  8. Slowness before rushing
  9. Creating before consuming
  10. Working out before laziness
  11. Good books before trash mags
Hearty Center
  1. Solitude before noise
  2. Delighting in the present moment before stressing about the future
  3. Making time to play before working yourself into the ground
  4. Honesty before white lies
  5. Encouraging before complaining
  6. Activities before procrastination
  7. Knowing the truth before deceit
  8. Smiling before frowning
  9. Spending earnings on benefiting your health and wellbeing before collecting possessions
  10. Outdoors before shopping
Hearty Center
  1. Confidence before weakness
  2. Understanding before ignorance
  3. Love before hate
  4. Gratitude before ungratefulness
  5. Experiences before doing things for the sake of it.
  6. Bubbliness before sourness
  7. Originality before comparison
  8. Knowing your identity before seeking validation
  9. Generosity before stinginess
  10. Positivity before negativity
    1. Friendships before creating cliques
    2. Believing victory before defeat
    3. Humility before pride
    4. Compassion before selfishness
    5. Imperfections before perfection
    6. Cherishing moments before wishing it away
    7. Light heartedness and joy before sorrow
    8. Thinking kind thoughts about yourself before analysing “imperfections”
    9. Support before scrutiny
    10. Living in faith before complacency

(Source: www.movenourishbelieve.com)