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Initial Consultation – 60 minutes
As this is our first consultation, this session will involve comprehensive case taking. I need all min 60 mins to talk with the patient about your medical health history, touch on your family health history and investigate your current health status by examining your diet and lifestyle.

All this fact finding will enable me to prepare an individualised treatment plan for you and determine whether any further testing or supplements will be required.

Follow Up Consultation – 30 minutes
This session is usually scheduled 2 weeks after the initial consultation where I present your detailed treatment plan and discuss your test results with you (if applicable) and answer any questions you may have.

Support for cancer patients – 90 minutes

Hearty Center has good experiences to support cancer patients with diet and nutrient prescriptions.

What you can expect from this 90 minute consultation:

– you’ll learn why optimising your health prior to chemo or radiation is so important.
-If you had chemo or radiation therapy and need support from natural medicine so Hearty Center can help you with diet and nutrients to recover.
– specific nutritional requirements for cancer patients.
– the impact that diet, lifestyle and environmental factors have on cancer patients.
– an understanding of the role that quality supplements play in supporting cancer patients.

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