My health and happiness depend on the way I nurture each realm of my life. I can discover a more balanced and unified health when I nurture body, mind and spirit. Too much emphasis in one area can potentially weaken other areas.

I concentrate to:

1. Nourishing my body

-Food sources

-Exercise regularly

-Getting quality sleep and rest

2. Nourishing my mind

-Identifying and articulating my feelings

-Establishing personal rules

-Setting goals regarding my health, finances, education, body, creativity, relationships…

3. Nourishing my spirit

-Discovering a more meaningful life or purpose

-Making time for regular worship, prayer or visualization


For the founder of Hearty Center, good health is not just about physical improvements.

Meditating for at least 3 hours every day, Christine is living proof of the fantastic benefits this practice can bring, for mental health and overall wellbeing.


Qualifications obtained by Christine Le:

1. Certificate – International Macro-Economics: Vietnam
2. Certificate of Business Computer Studies in Professional Customer Relationship Management: Vietnam
3. Certificate – Dermatoglyphics Consultant: Malaysia
4. Certificate – Food Safety Supervisor: Australia
5. Certificate IV – Property Services (Real Estate): Australia
6. Certificate IV – Building and Construction (Building): Australia
7. Certificate – First Aid: Australia
8. Certificate – Genome Healing: Australia
9. Certificate – Sound Healing: Australia
10. Certificate – Colon Hydrotherapy: Australia
11. Certificate – Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy: Australia
12. Certificate: Hands on Nutrition Assessment – Australia
13. Certificate – Live Blood analysis – UK
14. Certificate – Ozone therapy – USA
15. Certificate – Iridology Essentials – Australia
16. Certificate – Understanding Addiction – Harvard Medical School – USA
17. Certificate – Managing Pain in Patients on Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder – Harvard Medical School – USA
18. Certificate – Gambling disorder – Harvard Medical School – USA
19. Diploma of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine: Australia
20. Diploma – Building and Construction (Building): Australia
21. Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine: Australia
22. Bachelor of Economics: Vietnam
23. Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language: Vietnam
24. Master of Business Administration specialising in General and Strategic Management: Maastricht School of Management: The Netherlands

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