Inspired by the abundance of healthy ingredients all around her, Christine began investigating how to turn this treasure trove of goodness into green juice – fresh, healthy juices made predominantly from organic green vegetables.

Her extensive research paid off and her green juice recipes were a hit – delicious, nutritious and packed with health benefits.

Now there was only one thing left to do – share these amazingly tasty, incredibly healthy beverages with Australia! And so…Hearty Juice was born!

Christine Le – Founder of Hearty Juice – is a firm believer in the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ balance. A vegan with a passion for fresh fruit and veg, she was amazed by the fantastic quality of our very own Australian produce when she moved here in 2014 from her native Vietnam.


For the founder of Hearty Juice, good health is not just about physical improvements.

Meditating for at least 3 hours every day, Christine is living proof of the fantastic benefits this practice can bring, for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Qualifications obtained by Christine Le:

1. Certificate – International Macro-Economics: Vietnam
2. Certificate of Business Computer Studies in Professional Customer Relationship Management: Vietnam
3. Certificate – Dermatoglyphics Consultant: Malaysia
4. Certificate – Food Safety Supervisor: Australia
5. Certificate IV – Property Services (Real Estate): Australia
6. Certificate IV – Building and Construction (Building): Australia
7. Certificate – First Aid: Australia
8. Certificate – Genome Healing: Australia
9. Certificate – Sound Healing: Australia
10. Certificate – Colon Hydrotherapy: Australia
11. Certificate – Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy: Australia
12. Certificate: Hands on Nutrition Assessment – Australia
13. Certificate – Live Blood analysis – UK
14. Certificate – Ozone therapy – USA
15. Certificate – Iridology Essentials – Australia
16. Certificate – Understanding Addiction – Harvard Medical School – USA
17. Certificate – Managing Pain in Patients on Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder – Harvard Medical School – USA
18. Certificate – Gambling disorder – Harvard Medical School – USA
19. Diploma of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine: Australia
20. Diploma – Building and Construction (Building): Australia
21. Diploma of Counsellor – Current: Australia
22. Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine: Australia
23. Bachelor of Economics: Vietnam
24. Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language: Vietnam
25. Master of Business Administration specialising in General and Strategic Management: Maastricht School of Management: The Netherlands

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